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Homemade Modge Podge Decoupage Glue Recipe

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Make your own decoupage glue with 2 very simple basic ingredients for a mere fraction of the cost of the name brand product, plus learn the difference of when you should use homemade Modge Podge and when you should splurge on the real thing!


To Make Your Own (Regular):

3/4 c. Elmers White Glue (no other brand, NOT washable kind)
1/4 c. Water

Mix them together until they are completely incorporated and use as you would any store-bought modge podge decoupage product. An old washed out vitamin bottle works Great for mixing and storing homemade modge podge!

You’ll find recipes online that call for equal parts of glue and water, but I’ve found that once you use this, after about 3 months, the project “Yellows” and becomes brittle, so I don’t recommend that mixture at all.

How to Make Your Own Waterproof Gloss Finish Modge Podge

  • 1 Bottle of Waterproof Glue such as Titebond, Bondloc PVA, Waterproof Wood Glue, etc
  • Water
  • Small Jar

Fill the jar halfway with the glue. The amount of water that you add to this is entirely dependent on the material that you intend to decoupage.

Thin Paper: Add enough water to give it a milky consistency.

Thick Paper: 20-24lb such as magazine pages, book pages, some types of wallpaper- add enough water to turn the consistency similar to yogurt.

What’s the Difference?

Homemade works wonderful for the kids’ art projects- it creates a matte finish and leaves the colors completely unchanged whereas real modge podge will add a colorful vibrant luster to your projects and make them “POP” while also remaining supple and flexible.

Homemade Podge:

  • Drys clear, practically invisible due to Matte Finish
  • No Body, No Brush Strokes
  • Thin
  • Gives the appearance of a “Glued On” when applied
  • Will eventually crack, yellow or peel
  • can be made for less than 50¢

Real Podge:

  • Thicker
  • More Body
  • Glossy Sheen
  • Vibrant colors that Pop
  • Blends the object being decoupaged INTO the project
  • Contains a Sealer that prevents yellowing, cracking, peeling, etc
  • Costs a few dollars a bottle

The Verdict:

If the project is for a gift or for long term enjoyment, use the real thing. If you’re simply keeping the kids entertained for an afternoon of crafts or creating a short term decoration, use the homemade stuff.

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