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MYO Personalized Decoupage Serving Tray $15

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Make your own gorgeous decoupage personalized serving tray for mom this Mother’s Day for around $15!
Serving trays are great for a number of things- serving your mom breakfast in bed (hint, hint), carrying condiments/salad items to the dinner table each night and much more.


As a child I remember that my Aunt leaned hers against the wall in the kitchen to display the beautiful hand painted design. Regardless of how the lucky recipient chooses to use their decoupaged serving tray, it will become a favored gift.

MYO Personalized Decoupage Serving Tray

You’ll Need:
a wooden tray – these can be found at various craft stores or amazon (about $12)
Modge-Podge (you can make your own)
Pictures of Flowers – cut out from your favorite magazines
Shellac Spray (about $2-4)


Step #1:
Carefully cutout the flower images from your favorite gardening magazine and lay them out in a pattern that you like on the wooden tray.

Step #2:
Lightly brush the back of the cutout with modge-podge or homemade decoupage glue and put in place on the wooden tray to stick it where you want it.

Be sure to smooth the flower out to remove any air bubbles. You can use a debit card edge, your finger, a sponge, etc. While it is drying, repeat until all the flowers have been “glued” in place to your tray.

Step #3: Once all of the images have been applied and have dried, apply a light coating of modge podge over the entire bottom of the tray using a sponge brush.

Do not apply it too thickly or you may get unwanted air bubbles. Allow this to dry for about an hour or until it is no longer tacky.

myo decoupage tray

Step #4: Spray the entire tray with a clear acrylic Sealer finish. Let it dry!myo-personalized-decoupage-serving-tray-15

Optional, if you’d like you can glue ribbon to the top edges of the tray for additional embellishment, but this is not necessary and is strictly a matter of personal preference.


Other items can be personalized and decoupaged as well, such as trash cans.

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