creative soups from china

Creative Soups from China

A Chinese folk tale tells of a very wealthy man–let’s call him Mr. Chang–who didn’t have to worry about food and life’s basic necessities. So every evening after dinner, he threw the leftovers away. A neighborhood beggar retrieved the food as soon as Mr. Chang was out of sight. Some years went by, and Mr. Chang had a tremendous financial setback. He lost everything–his beautiful home, his possessions, every asset he had. Mr. Chang realized he’d now have to . . .

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chengtu chicken

Chengtu Chicken

Are you in the mood for a change of pace? Perhaps another taste of the Far East will whet your appetite! If Szechuan cuisine suits your fancy, Chengtu Chicken is worth the time. On the side, consider Yaki Mushrooms, from Japan, and you’ll have a feast fit for a king, for company, and most definitely for your family!

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scotch eggs with sausage

Scotch Eggs with Sausage

Scotch eggs were rumored to have started in a London department store, inspired by the Moghul dish Nargisi Kofta, but these days, they’re a relatively common picnic food in the United Kingdom. A true scotch egg consists of a hard-cooked egg wrapped enveloped in sausage, then coated in bread crumbs and baked (or fried!).

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