healthy eating habits start at the grocery store

Healthy eating habits start at the Grocery Store

Knowing what to buy at the grocery store is the first step in deciding to eat healthy. Making the right choices on what goes into your shopping cart will help make better choices when cooking at home. Did you know that conscientiously only buying fresh produce and natural items will help save costs on your grocery bill? Below are five great tips to help make deliberate changes in your eating lifestyle to become healthier and happier. . .

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$50 Weekly Menu- Week #5

Week 5 Grocery Notes: Chicken leg quarters were on sale this week for .50 pound, so I purchased 20 pounds.
The best way to prepare such a huge amount of chicken is to remove the skin and place the chicken in a large stock pot. Bring it to a boil with a chopped onion and a bit of pepper. Once the meat is falling off the bone, strain the meat, reserving the stock, return the stock & bones to the pot and continue simmering. (I usually add a bit more onion, garlic, celery
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