I’m Liss Burnell, Welcome to my world of savings! Learn how to drastically reduce your grocery budget, recreate the flavor of your favorite restaurant dishes, make your own delicious convenience food mixes, DIY projects, and household tips-n-tricks to make your life easier.

Dirt Cheap Recipes

Rising grocery prices got you down? We’ve got an amazing collection of dirt cheap recipes for busy families who don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Check out our latest additions:

MYO Mixes

This category is one of my favorites, it’s how I cut my grocery bill down to under $300 a month and dig my family out of debt! Make-ahead mixes that you can prepare and store in the pantry. They save hundreds of dollars per year by replacing boxed convenience foods.

Money Matters

We all wish it didn’t, but Money Matters! Check our our latest articles to help you save money, reduce debt and deal with creditors with class (and the law on your side).


The best do it yourself home improvement, organizing, diy repair, and remodeling ideas. Maintaining your home’s style and maintenance doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Here are some of the best money saving tips and tricks for men, women, children, to provide for your family; and for your pets as well!

Gardening & Landscaping

When it comes to keeping your yard looking great, there are many different strategies you can use. In this section, we’ll take a look at some affordable landscaping ideas that will help you keep pests under control, make the most of companion planting, practice lasagna gardening, and more!