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Guest Post Guidelines

Our site is tailored specifically to help families save money in all areas of life and enjoy fantastic recipes (at affordable prices). We cover a comprehensive range of topics, affordable travel, DIY, gardening, lifestyle, parenting, tasty recipes- you name it!

Our Facebook page offers a vast audience of 2.4 Million engaged fans with an average of 248K views per post while our site, receives an average 500K pageviews per month. We reach an average of 6.3 million monthly viewers on Pinterest; 1,400+ twitter followers and 11,400+ followers on Instagram.

Guest Post or Sponsored Post?

Sometimes freelance writers aren’t clear as to whether their post qualifies as a guest post or a sponsored post. If you are a blogger or freelance writer seeking to expand your reach and are not receiving compensation in any way for sharing your post and the links within it then it likely qualifies as a Guest Post.

If you are receiving compensation (or product, etc) for sharing the post, then it must legally be disclosed and is considered a Sponsored post, therefore our advertising rates will apply.

Our complete Sponsored Post guidelines are available here.

Examples of Approved Guest Posts

    1. Easy Do It Yourself British Brace Style Sliding Barn Door Tutorial
    2. Easy Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
    3. 6 Tips for Taking Long Road Trips with Toddlers

Guest Post Guidelines

  1. Content must be a minimum of 1,000 words
  2. Must be unique, on-topic with our site, and contain proper grammar
  3. All articles Must include at least 2 large images that you have taken/created (think pin-able). We do NOT accept STOCK Photos (free or paid). You must own the rights to the images you’ve shared.
  4. Once the Article is published you agree to share it across your Social Media Platforms, else the link(s) within is/are removed.

If you’re using an article you’ve created prior it would need to be reworded in such a way that Google wouldn’t penalize for duplicate content. Please note that we do not choose topics and/or titles, we leave this up to the author’s discretion.


  1. Guest Post links are DO-FOLLOW
  2. No Affiliate links or spam
  3. You May include up to 3 Relevant links back to your own site articles.

As stated above, the links must be relevant to the content and we will remove links that lead to pages lacking in substantial content. If more than 3 links are included, our editorial team may remove them without further notice. Links that are included that clearly do not link to the bloggers’ website will be No-Follow links.

Author Biography

  1. Provide an author biography with a link back to your site. We recommend 2-3 sentences with additional information about your site or products. This author biography is available (and editable) by clicking on your user profile.
  2. Edit your User Profile to add your social media links as well

Full Disclosure: is monetized and we will likely insert our own affiliate links within the post.

Requests for Topics or Titles

Often we’re asked to choose topics and/or titles for article submissions. We leave this up to the author’s discretion, after all, we don’t want to hamper your creativity!

Ready to Submit?

If you believe your content meets these basic guidelines, we invite you to submit it here now.


In the event that you are a marketer including links back to a site that you do not own, your post is considered a Sponsored Guest Post, and advertising rates apply.