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MYO Quillow

This quillow keeps you warm and cozy, yet simple folding quickly transforms it into a compact pillow. You’ll find many uses for these quillows: as car blankets, at football games, in dorm rooms, and more! Quillows also make quick, easy to sew gifts for graduates, babysitters, newlyweds, and teachers. Sew one in 30 minutes or less!

The quillow pictured here (above) was made by my children’s Grammy “Lynn”

• 1-7/8 yd. (1.75 m) of 58/60″ wide (150 cm wide) fleece
• Matching thread
• Rotary Cutter, Mat, and Ruler or Sewing Shears
• Large head long pins that can be seen in the fleece
• Size 90 Stretch Needle
• Optional: Pearl Crown Rayon Thread

  • Trim away fleece selvages using a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler or sewing shears

  • Cut out the blanket and pillow sections as follows:

    • Cut the blanket to measure 48″ by 60″ (122 cm by 152.5 cm).
    • Cut the pillow into an 18″ (46 cm) square.


    • You can use the remaining fleece as the pillow sections for two additional quillows. You’ll need to purchase only an additional 1-1/3 yd. (1.30 m) of fleece for each of those quillows. (Or you can use one of these as a lining for the pocket section if you will be embroidering a design onto that section to show when the quillow is folded into a pillow)

  • Turn under a 1/2″ (1.3 cm) hem on one of the non-stretchy cut edges of the pillow. Zigzag the hem in place.

    • Insert a Size 90 Stretch Needle in your sewing machine. A Stretch Needle has a rounded point which helps prevent skipped stitches.
    • Use a narrow width zigzag stitch.

    (If you want an embroidered pillow, then embroider your design onto the pocket section and sew it and the lining piece, right sides together leaving a 6 inch opening in the middle of one of the sides or the bottom of the pocket section. Turn the pillow right side out making sure to push out the corners into a perfect square. You can either hand stitch the opening closed, or just pin it and stitch the opening closed as you sew the pocket section onto the blanket.)

  • Position the pillow on the blanket.

    • Fold the pillow in half to locate its center. Mark at the cut edge opposite the stitched hem.
    • Fold the 48″ (122 cm) edge of the blanket in half to locate its center. Mark.
    • Place and pin the pillow to the blanket, matching the centers, right sides together.

    Use long pins such as Flower Head Pins. They go through the bulk of the fabric effortlessly and are easy to locate.

    • Stitch around three sides of the pillow with a straight stitch or a narrow zigzag stitch. (Optional finish, see Step 7)


  • Place the blanket pillow side down. Fold the blanket into thirds lengthwise, wrapping the blanket edges toward the wrong side.


  • Next, fold the blanket approximately into fourths, folding from the end opposite the pillow. Turn the pillow right side out, tucking the folded blanket inside.
  • Optional finish: Serge the edges of the fleece using Pearl Crown Rayon Thread in the upper and/or lower loopers. Test the stitch balance on a scrap of fleece before serging on the quillow.
  • 10 thoughts on “MYO Quillow”

    1. i’ve made one before but long ago…want to make several for christmas gifts for kids…$ really tight this
      year …anyhow…would like to make with cotton fabric
      and batting….
      do you have that pattern?

      • I’ve made one before but long ago…want to make SEVERAL for Christmas gifts for kids…$ really tight this
        year …anyhow…would like to make with cotton fabric
        and batting….
        do you have that pattern?

        Just use the same pattern and then use cotton instead of fleece.

    2. my father was born and raised in a small town. he received one of these as a thank you gift from a ladies’ group for designing and maintaining the landscaping at one of the city’s historical sites. he has since passed away, and the quillow was given to me.

      i have been delighted with it. it is so convenient to be able to fold it into a pillow, and wonderfully convenient to be able to leave it on the sofa all day without it seeming to visitors that you are camped out in the living room all day! love it!

      these really do make wonderful gifts!

    3. these are wonderful baby gifts when made with a textured velour on one side and smooth velour on the other and can be scaled to size.

      i used the same fabrics in lavender, a friend’s favorite color, and made one that could be used on her queen sized bed. it was a retirement gift. she keeps it on a special quilt stand when it’s not in use.

      it is also nice to combine one of these with a matching picnic basket that you create by lining a basket with fabric and making a 2 part lid (cardboard cut to size, then covered with batting and fabric) to attach to the handle with ribbons that are attached to the lid. Thus can be done without any sewing – using only glue. Sometimes, I’ve offered these as graduation presents, but more often as wedding presents.

    4. this is such a great idea , i’ve seen one of these yrs ago but i was thinking this would be great for kids that go on long school trips , i live in a very rural so my kids and their friends travel many hours on school bus several times a yrs and they are always dragging a blanket with them i will be making a few of these ,, thanks for posting :goodpost:

    5. think how nice this would be for a person who flies alot! you could have your own clean pillow and blanket with you without looking obivious . just put a strap on it so it’s easy to carry …hang it on your arm or onto the top of your carry on.

    6. this would make excellent gifts any time of the year. when you can get the fabric at a discount, grab it and make them for the next birthday, anniversary, birth, etc.

      i see ideas looming in my brain…… :stars:

    7. Oh my gosh! I am getting the best gift ideas from this site! I think I will make these for all of my kiddos and grandbabies for Christmas!

      They’re going to have a fantastic, home-made Christmas! Love it!

    8. Has anyone ever doubled this or do you think you don’t need to? I’ve made the blankets but doubled with a different design on each sign.

      Thanks in advance for you thoughts and responses.


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