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      So we were craving some pizza last night, went to the store and I refused to pay 8 dollars for a Digiorno. :107: I also had just come from a party so I had no coupons with me. Anyhow, we spotted Tony’s pizzas.

      They’re 1.99 each, we jumped at the price! So we get home and needless to say, you get what you pay for :081: Blech!:037: And it made me even madder because we got the french bread one and on the box it was all cheesey and garlic buttery wonderfullness and out of the oven it in comparison to a paper plate with stale mozzarella. No joke!:razz:

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      Thanks for the heads up, don’t buy much frozen pizza but sure don’t want to waste my money when I do. Got a great deal on Digiornos recently $3 for the garlic french bread pizza and it was really good. Sorry you had a bad experience.

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      That is why I use the boboli crust and make my own so this way I know that it is always going to be a great pizza, I made buffalo chicken pizza this weekend and I love making mac and cheese pizza, inspired from Cici’s pizza buffet. You can write to Boboli and tell them how much you like their crust and they send coupons.

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      How much are the Boboli crust? I don’t think I’ve ever really made a pizza before…. That sounds fun!!

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