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      I am looking for 2nd job but may have to remarry to balance the budget. This is getting depressing Every tax break is geared towards married individuals what a trade off sigh feeling depressed but better than yesterday. Seeing all these bills coming down that I may not be able to manage in months ahead makes me anxious going to get the Sunday paper and check on line for local jobs I also work 1 hour away from home — something needs to be done about that too

      Jan Mahoney wrote: In Ontario, Canada, we pay 1.05 per litre. I can’t remember how to convert that to gallons, but I know it’s roughly the same. It’s sad- taking trips to see our families has become a budgeting issue, as they live an hour away! The really pathetic thing is that we traded in our gas guzzler for a 2005 ford focus, and our van gets better mileage!

      Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.

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