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      I love the crust on these almost as good as the ones I had growing up lol. i lived in france as a kid (us af) and remember the crusts, and having to eat slowly or you would literally cut the top of your mouth

      has anyone tried this without a cover? just in reg pans?

      i tried it in 2 different sized glass pyrex covered bowls/pots, for the recipe I use it definately needs the smaller one

      I wanted a LOAF not ball. I don’t know about your house but the ball style:
      gets eaten faster
      doesn’t make as nice sandwiches (cause of size issues)

      What didn’t work for loaf style:
      I have tried 2 smaller roasting pans (granite ware stuff) .. too big unless I double the recipe and its still sorta roundy and the ends are thin .. one (the larger) is actually sorta a double wall one it would probably work better if double recipe

      loaf pan with cover – the top was darn near burned cause it touched the dough.

      The other night I had one of those weird brain farts in the middle of the night .. what about using my loaf pan inside another pan?

      Well I thought it might work .. Well it won’t fit in the 2 smaller roasters and have clearance for the top of the loaf pan.. Bert says what about that one (looking way up at the ceiling – top of pot rack – turkey roaster) the loaf pan fits inside ..

      I made it last night .. I have loaf style, of course it didn’t last long

      the problem: only enough room for one loaf of bread which seems like a huge waste of energy


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      What recipe are you using?

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      no knead one loaf
      1 1/2 C water
      1/4 t yeast
      3 C flour (any kind, any combo (Wheat, White, ap, etc)
      eliminated salt

      dump in the large potato salad plastic tub use silicon spatula to mix it up, stick on cover

      raise in large potato salad plastic tub (amish potato salad think from wm) 12-18 hrs (NOTE no extra dishes :))

      somewhere during that time I might toss in italian seasoning, or cinnamon/pumpkin pie spice

      cloth covered cookie sheet with oatmeal or flour, or sesame seeds or whatever .. You may want to make up strusle mix, or garlic and cheese, or what ever I toss it into the dough with a quick flip/flop sorta knead quick.. let the dough rise 2-4 hours with damp cloth

      About 1/2 and hour or so before you are ready to cook preheat cooking pot with lid at 450 for about 30 mins .. quickly pull out the pot, flip in the bread and stick back in stove for about 25 -30 mins or so with lid .. then pull lid and cook another 15-25 mins

      you are supposed to let it cool for 1 hour – it has never made it one hour at my house


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      Sounds like fun! Kids worked hard today so I’ll let ’em have some fun doing this tonight and bake it tomorrow.

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      if you have anything that you might use for making a pizza you can add to the dough

      Olives, mushrooms, pepperoni (I precooked it a bit cause of grease), cheese, roasted peppers, etc ..

      Then when its cooked slather on pizza sauce (cook it down so its thick)


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      girlfriend, go to the breakfast forum and search for my 2-ingredient no knead bread;-) it makes the best toast EVER (which is why I posted it in that forum).

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      for those that wondered what mos has for recipe – its at:


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      I have a oval casserole dish, would that work for this bread? It looks so good, I can’t wait to try it.


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      Shannon if it has a lid it should work- and be more loaf shaped .. I love the bread (I love crusty crust) but want in loaf shape LOL .. So far I haven’t figured out how to get loaves ..

      Once you make it start playing with the dough – put in spices, pesto, roasted red pepper etc .. cinnamon and sugar (nuke raisins in water then add to dough *keeps them plump)

      I do know keep your hands wet and it doesn;t stick as much to you ..

      I think some kind of monkey bread (cinn,sugar etc) would be good too


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      You can use a loaf pan to cook your bread without a lid. Just make sure you have a bowl (oven proof) of water on the lower rack of the oven. This creates the humidity needed for the bread.
      Place bowl of water on lower rack of the oven as you pre-heat the oven.
      Another tip: Place parchment paper in loaf tin, before adding the bread dough.

      This will make it easier to take the bread out of the pan after it is cooked.

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      i am just making sure i read & understand your instructions, this will be only my 2nd or 3rd time to make bread!

      after i mix the ingredients i let it rise for 12-18hrs, then add whatever extra ingredients? after that rise dough again for 2-4hrs w/a damp cloth?


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