How to Remove Build-up off your BBQ Grill

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      It is time of year when we pull the cover off of the cover of our Barbeques, in anticipation of a delicious grilled steak or chicken, and we are mortified when we see the grill. The thoughts swirl in our heads?What DID we cook on there last fall? Who forgot to clean the grill?

      How much does a new barbeque cost? Cleaning the grill is actually easier than most people realize, and you can usually forego the brushes, dirty sink, and elbow grease if you start the day before you need the grill.

      Lay a plastic bag on the ground, followed by a newspaper, then lay your grill on top of the newspaper. Spray liberally with an oven cleaner, and cover with another layer of moist newspaper. Follow this with another plastic bag, and weight down the edges so the whole mess doesn?t end up in your neighbors yard.

      Now instead of scrubbing, and scouring, just let the oven cleaner do the work for you overnight. The next day, remove the grill and place all the saturated newspaper into one of the garbage bags. Wear gloves and follow all of the manufacturers safety precautions whenever working with caustic cleaners such as oven cleaner.

      Rinse the grill thoroughly, and then wash off any remaining oven cleaner residue with some soapy water. Rinse again, coat with a light brushing of vegetable oil, and you’re ready to go!

      It is a good plan to fire up your Barbeque for 30 to 45 minutes on High temperature to sanitize everything before the first use of the season.

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      Great ideas! We usually allows ours to burn off for about 10-15 minutes while it’s heating up and then lightly oil it just before adding whatver we’re grilling. In the spring-fall we Only grill, we never use the stove in the house, it’s just too hot.

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      I have heard of this before but had forgotten before I tried. I need to do this to my BBQ. Thanks

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      Great tip, it will sure save me a lot of work. Think I will do this before I put the grill away for the winter, then it will be ready to go in the spring. Thanks for posting

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      well this certianly looks likea time saver! our grill gets a work out year round. the family loved the thanksgiving turkey on the grill ( the oven broke down)so much its become a tradition!!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Household Recipes How to Remove Build-up off your BBQ Grill