Homemade dog tear stain remover

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      I have come up with a recipe that you can make at home to help with tear stains on white dogs, but I don’t know where or how to post it. If you are interested you can post it or let me know what to do.

      Dog Tear Stain Remover

      3 or 4 oz empty spray bottle with a fine sprayer
      1 oz clear witch hazel
      1 oz hydrogen peroxide
      1 drop lavender essential oil

      mix all together in spray bottle. shake well. always shake it before spraying since the essential oil will separate out.

      close dog’s eyes with a gentle touch on it’s eyelids. spray to tear stained area, moustache and beard. avoid getting it in the eyes.

      comb thru gently. with a clean washcloth, rub the stained area vigorously, then comb through again. it takes a few applications to lighten, but i find using it 2-3x per week really makes a difference and has no bad chemicals.

      It also eliminates that nasty smell that can happen in short nosed breeds from chronic moisture. I came up with this myself and was so pleased when it worked. You can probably omit the lavender essential oil if you desire, but works so much better with it, plus lavender essential oil is great to have on hand for burns also.

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      I have a Maltese who will be much more handsome with your treatment. Thanks.

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Stuff I’d Like to See General Homemade dog tear stain remover