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      Hi everyone, I’m Loupy. A nickname my mom gave me when I was young. (it was not ment to make you think I’m “loopy” in any way…LOL.) I moved here to be closer to my grandchildren. I want to be healthier so i can stick around longer and have fun with them. Learning my way around slowly. I love cooking from scratch and making up recipes. Low carb suits my style. showered with love

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      Hello and Welcome to Budget 101, Loupy! Good to have you here. Lots of ideas, information and recipes on this site for everyone to enjoy. If you have questions, just ask. Thanks; Virginia

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      Hi Loupy ~ Glad you joined. Any questions just give a hollar, everyone on the site is great.

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      Welcome to the site! Lots of great recipes and other ideas here. hope you will share some of your favorites with us as well. Enjoy!

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      Hi from Missouri. I’ve always wanted to go to Arizona but there never seemed to be enough money when vacation time came around. ha I am a new grandma this year and loving it!!

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Hello from Arizona