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      All Tampa Water Department (TWD) customers are eligible to receive
      a free rain barrel and a free Water Conservation Kit for attending
      a Hillsborough County Extension Florida Yards and Neighborhoods
      (FY&N) Rain Barrel Workshop.

      Free Rain Barrels

      Get a free rain barrel by taking a 1.5 hr workshop on how to install and use it.
      PHILADELPHIA’s Rain Barrel Program
      The Philadelphia Water Department is providing rain barrels to residents of Philadelphias watersheds free of charge, in order to promote the reduction of stormwater flows to our sewer system and creeks.

      How can I get a Rain Barrel?
      The Philadelphia Water Department is giving away rain barrels to people located within the watersheds of Philadelphia. In order to receive a rain barrel, it is mandatory to attend a rain barrel workshop to be educated on the installation and use of the rain barrel. There is a one-per-household limit. Rain barrel workshops are held in locations around the city throughout the year. The workshops are organized on a watershed-basis, meaning you can only attend a workshop organized for your watershed.

      City of Philadelphia Rain Barrel Program

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      I wish I could get a free rain barrel. Here we either pay $60 or $80 for them. DH is looking for an old drum barrel for me for rainwater. Can’t afford to buy one.

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      All towns should provide this! Sometimes people are just too penny wise and pound foolish, especially when it comes to conserving natural resources.

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      Oh, I so agree with you. But you know how it goes……anything to make a buck. I love my town, but sometimes they’re all about the almighty dollar.

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      still available! Get it while you can

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Free Stuff ~Coupons Galore ~ Hot Deals Freebies FREE Rain Barrel (Tampa) & Philly