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      For one, I don’t think you qualify as a dependent to be claimed on his tax return. You can go to http://www.irs.gov to look up the rules for dependent. If there is an exception somewhere and you can be claimed then figure the returns both ways.

      And see if there is a hug difference between him claiming head of household w/one dependent and you claiming no dependentsand then the two of you claiming single and claiming yourselves. I’m not sure about the refund coming in may. I believe that in order to get that refund you must claim a dependent on your return.

      You would also have to do the worksheet to figure if he paid for more than 1/2 of your expenses all year. That will truly decide if he can claim you as a dependent as long as you truly qualify for living in the household. Go to the IRS website you can find out all the answers there.

      wrote: Hi Everyone,
      I’m a bit livid at the moment. My dbf, a friend of ours, and myself
      met for dinner tonight at a diner. My dbf and I live together and
      granted, he pays most things.

      My dbf did pay my health insurance a
      few times last year and I have offered to pay him back at some point
      but he doesn’t want me to pay him back but I intend to somehow. I
      mostly pay for food and most of the time, my gas. I drive his car
      since we got rid of mine 2 years ago.

      The friend of ours suggested
      my dbf declare me on his income taxes. Last year we didn’t do it
      because I needed the money to pay on some bills and I was paying on
      my health insurance. I made about $13,269.00 in 2007 and live in MD.
      We will most likely be using the short forms this year as I don’t
      have enough to itemize.

      My questions are: If my dbf declares me on
      his taxes, will I still get the $600.00 rebate that the federal
      government will be giving? Will I get a refund of any kind if I
      declare 0 on dependents? I know I am coming off as selfish and I
      really am not.

      In about 6 years I’m willing to (when I reach 55) take
      the money from my iras and jointly invest the money with my dbf for a
      small home in a retirement community in fl. i’m looking for another
      job that pays much better. i don’t have enough money to go to the
      dentist and god help me if i get sick because i don’t have enough
      money to cover prescriptions and i’m making monthly payments on the

      bills i owe on including medical bills and bills from an auto
      accident i had last year that hasn’t been settled. my dbf spends
      money like it’s no big deal then complaines how much he owes in
      credit card bills and he has a real good paying job. i have health
      insurance through where i work as long as i work a certain number of
      hours per week.

      tonight dbf is wanting us to go to fl to check out
      the area the friend mentioned above and the friend’s girlfriend
      bought a place. he went earlier this year right before his son came
      down sick. here we are, and dbf buys golf clubs (ping clubs) that he
      could not afford and on credit card of course.

      he has his son’s
      medical bills to pay for since his son that is off at college came
      down seriously sick unexpectly and the medical bills are sky high so
      far, (i’m not close to the son. he hasn’t liked me from day 1 and it
      doesn’t matter what I do. Dbf’s son says I try to mother him.


      don’t.) I keep our home pretty clean (not obsessive with cleaning
      like my dbf is.) I keep things running at home and work as many hours
      as I can get at my part-time job. I am counting on the $600.00 to use
      to pay off some debt and have some emergency money in my savings
      account. Dbf could even afford to get a root canal today and I can’t
      afford to go to the dentist. I don’t like him supporting me at all.
      I’m doing the best I can to find another job, but it’s very hard in
      md to find a job, especially in the budget area without a degree.

      i knew that dbf wouldn’t blow the money and give me half of what i
      would get back if he didn’t declare me on his taxes, i would go along
      with it a lot easier. but he blew money on golf clubs and now wants
      to go back to fl. we can’t afford to go to fl even though we’d be
      staying at a friend’s home and i don’t want to go if the friends are
      at their home.

      if i’m going to go on vacation
      it should be one we can
      afford. besides, i’m not interested in vacationing with friends this
      year even if it’s for 3 days. I care about getting debt paid down,
      and getting an emergency fund established.

      I’m paying on closed
      credit cards, and don’t want to open up any new credit cards, not
      that I could get one with my rating (I don’t know what my rating
      is.) Any suggestions? If possible, could people e-mail me privately

      Thank you.

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