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      Rubbing alcohol not only makes an amazingly simple cleaner, but it

      kills nasty germs around your house in the process. Rubbing alcohol

      is not just for medicinal purposes anymore; it can be used in all

      sorts of practical and cleaning applications around the home. Much

      cheaper than other cleaners (most drug stores and discount stores

      carry 16 ounce bottles of 70% rubbing alcohol for under $1), rubbing

      alcohol works just as well.

      Use rubbing alcohol to:

      Clean your dry erase boards with a cloth or paper towel dampened with

      rubbing alcohol. The alcohol removes the buildup from stubborn dry-

      erase markers.

      Use alcohol to clean grimy phones, switch plates and doorknobs. Not

      only will the alcohol remove the oily dirt and dust, but it will also

      kill germs on these frequently handled areas.

      Do dust and dirt collect on your tabletops? Wipe them down with a

      cloth saturated with rubbing alcohol to uncover a great shine.

      (Alcohol may not be suitable as a cleaner for all tabletop finishes,

      so be sure to do a spot test first!)

      Need to keep an ice pack on hand for those sudden emergencies? Build

      your own inexpensive model by filling a freezer bag with one part

      alcohol and two parts water. Label it well, and pop it in the

      freezer. The rubbing alcohol will keep the water from freezing into

      an unmanageable block. When needed, the ice pack will have a moldable

      slushy form, which is perfect for forming around skinned knees and

      elbows and the odd-sized lump left behind after an unfortunate


      Have any dusty decorative candles stored away? Before lighting, wipe

      the dust away with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol

      removes the dust without ruining the wick, as water often does. Be

      sure to let the alcohol evaporate completely before lighting the


      Use rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth to remove grime from household

      fixtures.. The alcohol will leave behind a nice shine.

      Remove fresh ink stains by blotting with rubbing alcohol. This

      procedure also often works to remove permanent marker stains on


      Rubbing alcohol makes a terrific, streak-free window and glass

      cleaner. Just dampen a cloth with a 50% mixture of water and alcohol

      and wipe glass clean. Do remember that, although rubbing alcohol

      makes a fabulous, inexpensive cleaner, it is considered extremely

      flammable. To avoid any potential problems, make sure that you store

      rubbing alcohol in a cool, dry place away from anything that emits

      heat and/or sparks.

      Kelly in IL

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