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Holidays & Special Occasions 4th of July Celebration Candles for July

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      By Kara Kelso

      Deciding on just a few candles is rarely easy. With so much to choose from now (possibly even thousands of scents), it’s next to impossible to choose just one. This is part one of a number of articles to follow on choosing candle scents for your home.

      With 4th of July and several weeks of celebration, it seems only natural to choose an Amercian type candle, or even a “summer” scent. Here are some suggestions for scents that “fit” the month of July:

      American Style Containers:
      Many candles companies are now offering candles with red, white, and blue layers. Others offer American flag design containers and votive holders.

      Apple Pie Scent:
      This has become quite popular, and for a good reason. It’s absolutely yummy, and smells good enough to eat! Nothing says American quite like Apple Pie.

      Blueberry Muffin:
      Another very “American-like” scent. This scent smells just like blueberry muffins right out of the oven.

      Watermelon Scent:
      Looking for something a little more sweet? Try this summer favorite. Watermelons are a picnic favorite, and a fun summer treat.

      Cinderella Scent:
      If you prefer floral scents, here’s a nice one for mid-summer. This unique scent is a romantic aroma of amber, musk, vanilla, with base tones of fresh cut violets and lily of the valley. Available at many candle stores online.

      Dandelion Pear:
      Another unique summer scent. This aroma begins with the slightly bitter aroma of dandelion, and wildflowers; perfectly mellowed out with tart fresh pear, green tea leaves, and cool aloe vera.

      Still looking for something a bit more floral? Try this simple favorite. While more of a spring-time scent, this one is also nice for mid-summer.

      While most want highly scented candles, did you know some scents are by nature stronger than others? Scents such as Cucumber Melon are not as strong as say, Blueberry Muffin. It doesn’t mean the Cucumber Melon candle has less scent than any other (actually, sometimes it’s more by volume), you just can’t smell it as well.

      Light scents include:
      – Cucumber Melon
      – Green Tea & Cucumber
      – Lily of the Valley
      – Many other floral scents

      There are several ways to get more out of your light scented candles. They are as follows:

      1. Burn in Small Rooms
      If you have a small room such as a bathroom, doorway, or something very small with little drafts, this would be the place to burn these candles.

      2. Use Melt Warmers
      Melt warmers can create a better scent throw for any candle. These can also be more cost effective if you burn candles often.

      3. Eliminate Other Smells
      If you are cooking or have other scents in the room, wait to burn the candle. You won’t be able to smell the candle as well if there are other scents present.

      4. Only Burn Strong Scents
      While it may be hard to decide which have strong scents and which do not, if you are unsure purchase only small sizes to try them out. Food scents, as well as blends are usually (not always) stronger than other scents.

      A few stronger candle scents include:

      Caribbean Morning
      Floral Bouquet
      Snickerdoodle Cookies
      Banana Nut Bread

      About the Author:
      Kara Kelso is the co-owner of the mother-daughter candle company, Prairie Soy Candles

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Holidays & Special Occasions 4th of July Celebration Candles for July