Week #2 Sales Cycles- how they affect your Grocery Budget

Welcome to week #2 of our free 12 week course on how to reduce your monthly grocery budget to as little as $250 per month. This week, learn how sales cycles effect your grocery and household budget, and how to use them to your advantage. View Video Now

Week #2: Sales Cycles- and how to use them to your advantage

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If you’re following our series, we’d love to hear your experiences, as well as any tips you’ve picked up over the years too!

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  1. I have $2000 left to be debt free – the house. I can’t wait to start stocking up according to the sales flyers and buying calendars. Right now, we buy just what we need for 2 weeks and dire needs. Thanks again.

  2. That’s wonderful! It feels like it takes forever to get out of debt, but when you see an end in site, there’s nothing like it. :rodeo:

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