Travel Hacking » Watch Your Weight While You Travel: Three Ways to Stay on Track

Watch Your Weight While You Travel: Three Ways to Stay on Track

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Watch Your Weight While You Travel: Three Ways to Stay on Track


Losing weight is enough of a challenge when you’re staying at home, but traveling can make your weight loss journey even more difficult. Unfortunately, business trips and family vacations are not always avoidable even if you’re in the midst of working hard to change your lifestyle and eat healthier. It’s important to be cautious while you travel since even a few days of eating as you please can undo much of your hard work.

Restaurants, buffets, and potluck dinners can all contribute to weight gain on vacation. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can stay on track with your nutrition and exercise plan even while you’re away from home.


Stay Hydrated

First off, drink lots of water. Many busy travelers don’t realize just how dehydrated they can get while riding on a plane or driving a car for several hours. Even if you don’t feel thirsty, keep a bottle of water handy and take sips at regular intervals.

If you’re flying to your destination, you won’t be able to bring water through security, but you can bring an empty bottle through and fill it up once you’ve passed through security, or purchase a bottle after you check in. Unfortunately, airports aren’t known for being inexpensive.

In addition to keeping your body hydrated and functioning as well as possible, drinking water will help you to minimize snacking. You’ll feel less hungry, which means you won’t be making spur-of-the-moment decisions when it comes to eating.

Keep Moving

Next, walk whenever possible. While you may miss out on your regular exercise routine, squeezing in walking here and there will add up. Keep your body moving as much as possible to continue to burn calories even while you’re on your trip.

Thinking of taking the elevator at the museum? Skip it. Walk up the stairs even if your friends or colleagues choose to take the easy way up. You can also walk a few extra laps around the building or even go for a walk between sessions at a conference.

It’s important to stay moving and stay active while you’re on your trip. Even if you decide to go out to dinner with your coworkers, consider walking back to your hotel instead of taking a cab.

Weigh Your Options

Finally, make sure you consider all of your options before deciding what to eat. While it’s understandable that you may feel tired or anxious and want to have a few drinks, it’s also important to realize that alcohol has many calories.

Stay on track by sipping fruit-infused water, opt for a salad instead of an appetizer or heavy carb-laden rolls, and splitting your entree with a friend. Not only will you consume fewer calories, but you’ll also save money too!

Many travelers make the mistake of thinking that since they are on vacation, they’re allowed to “cheat” on their diet.

Unfortunately, your body didn’t get this memo. The only person you’re hurting when you stray from your diet is you. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing what to eat from the restaurant at dinnertime. Most U.S based restaurants now list the calories of prepared dishes right on the menu.

Better yet, if you’re going on a short day trip or weekend trip consider packing your meals or making something healthy in your hotel room.

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