Travel Hacking » Experience Wynwood Walls Urban Graffiti in Miami

Experience Wynwood Walls Urban Graffiti in Miami

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Miami is well known for its nightlife scene, but there’s more than just music, dancing and nightclubs. Walls upon walls of incredible, soul-quenching raw talent that encapsulates life’s significant moments line the streets of the Wynwood Walls neighborhood. Some of the world’s greatest artists gather to share breathtaking skilled street art.

Miami FL Urban Graffiti, Wynwood walls

What is Wynwood Walls?

Wynwood Walls is an incredible open-air experience that features vast, vibrant street murals by artists from around the world. In the past decade, it boasts over 80,000 square feet of wall coverage by more than fifty artists constituting sixteen countries.

The genre of Urban Graffiti transforms ordinary walls into extraordinary works of sophisticated creativity.


What can I see or do?

As you enter the Wynwood neighborhood, you’ll feast your eyes upon an outdoor street art museum. Expansive, vast murals, popping with color, line the streets leading to the venue. 

The experience isn’t limited to the walls; everything becomes a canvas. Sidewalks, utility poles, and even refuse bins consequently become compositions of art.

Experience a taste of Wynwood Walls Urban Graffiti

We recommend entering FULL-SCREEN mode and turning the volume up when the video begins.


How much does it cost?

The price of a self-guided tour is absolutely free; however, if you prefer to tour with an official guide, it will run you twenty dollars per adult and fifteen dollars per child seventeen and younger.

It is wise, however, to call ahead to ensure Wynwood is open to the public on the day of your visit as it is available to book for private events, such as weddings, intimate dinner parties, and other activities.


Is Wynwood Walls open at night?

While the walls are particularly beautiful in the daylight hours, Wynwood is also open until 11:30 pm Monday through Thursday, and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Sunday hours are from 10:30 am to 8 pm. Twilight is an exceptionally beautiful time to visit and take in all of the gorgeous artistry accentuated by the natural shadows.

How long does Wynwood Walls take?

The average length of time to walk around and experience Wynwood Walls is about thirty minutes to an hour. In all honesty, we spent about three hours walking the Wynwood walls neighborhood, taking it all in.

Experience Miami

We encountered live entertainment, music, and plenty of inexpensive, delicious street foods to munch as you walk. If you like to people watch, this is a wonderful, affordable place to spend an evening.

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