Travel Hacking » Exploring Myanmar (aka Burma) – What not to Miss!

Exploring Myanmar (aka Burma) – What not to Miss!

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An Introduction to Exploring Myanmar

If you have never heard of Myanmar, also known as Burma or the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, it is a large country located in Southeast Asia. To its western border, sits Bangladesh and India. To its east, you can find Thailand and Laos. At its northern border, you will find the massive country of China. Myanmar’s southern border is mostly coastline nestled against parts of the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

As far as travel hacking goes, exploring Myanmar is one that requires a bit of planning to ensure you get the least expensive flights.

Myanmar is a fairly densely populated nation-state, playing home to nearly 54 million total inhabitants. The country’s capital is known as Naypyidaw, which contains nearly 1 million residents by itself. Most of Myanmar’s citizens practice Buddhism within the Theravada tradition. There are also a growing number of Christians within the country as a result of 18th-Century Christian missionaries that frequented the area.

B101 Traveling to Myanmar

Myanmar vs. Burma and a Politically Divided Name

Explaining the reason why the country of Myanmar is also commonly referred to as Burma isn’t as straightforward as one might expect. The country, as per the current government, is officially known as Myanmar. The name Burma, however, was the name of the country prior to the 1989 uprising within the country.

If you’re a native of the country, then you’ll likely choose between the two names depending on your political orientation. If you’re a tourist or a foreigner in the country, you may call the country by either name, as both are a commonly accepted title.

Traveling to Myanmar aka Burma

What Can One Expect With a Myanmar Package Tour or Trip

With Myanmar being such a diverse, vibrant, and exciting country to visit, it can be hard to know exactly how to plan the best vacation in the country. With Myanmar package tours, you can enjoy Myanmar without the stress of being forced to plan out your entire vacation, which is especially difficult if you don’t know a lot about the country and the best areas to visit.

With Myanmar package tours you can expect a fully planned vacation that includes roundtrip airfare, lodging, sightseeing expeditions, as well as a range of other guided assistance through the country’s majestic culture and noteworthy attractions.


The Advantages of Traveling to Myanmar on a Package Tour Trip

There are many advantages to traveling to Myanmar on a package tour. The first and primary advantage is that with so many different tour packages to choose from, you can select a tour package that caters towards the type of vacation that you are interested in experiencing.

Another major advantage of booking a package tour rather than planning the vacation yourself is that you can relax and enjoy Burma, without constantly worrying and stressing over micromanaging each stage of the vacation as it progresses.

Lastly, package tours are cheaper than self-planned vacations, as large travel agencies that offer the tours are able to leverage themselves into discounted rates.

Travelhacking Myanmar Package Tours

How to Set Up a Myanmar Tailor Made Tour or Trip

There are many package tours to Myanmar that are fully customizable, or even interchangeable with other package offers. If you are interested in a fully tailor-made tour, then be sure to contact a travel agent and have them piece together the exact type of tour you are looking for.

The Best Myanmar Package Tour Program, Trip Offers, and Discounts

(1.) Myanmar Odyssey Trip Program (8 Days) –

This 1-week tour will take you through the most noteworthy destinations within Burma, including Mandalay and Inle Lake, two of the most prominent tourist spots in the whole country. The price for this trip is flexible and it can be made into a tailor-made tour. A tailor-made tour is subject to price changes. The tour can be enjoyed by individuals of any age.


(2.) Kengtung Hill Tribes Explorer Program (4 Days) –

This cultural and ethnic-themed adventure focuses on the many mountainous regions of Burma that are typically considered to be off the beaten path. This trip will have you trekking through exotic and mysterious landscapes and interacting with local tribes. This can be a tailor-made tour and it frequently offers a discount. There isn’t an age restriction for this tour, however, if you bring children under the age of 4 on this tour, some aspects of the tour itinerary may need to be changed.


(3.) Burma Culture and Beach Trip Program (12 Days) –

If white sands, swimming, and beach relaxation are your thing then this is a Burma tour package that you absolutely do not want to miss out on. Featured in this package is a luxury cruise down the Irrawaddy River, a hot-air balloon ride across Bagan, and a resort getaway at Inle Lake.

Inle Lake
Inle Lake

Additionally, the tour also includes a 3-night stay at Ngapali Beach, a premier beach destination in Burma. Prices for this package vary, depending on the tour options you select, and it can be a tailor-made tour. There are no age restrictions for this tour program.


(4.) Myanmar Highlight Tour Program (10 Days) –

This family-friendly tour package offers the classic Burma vacation. It offers the ability to see all of Burma’s most noteworthy sites as well as being able to partake in all of the essential cultural aspects of the country, particularly the culinary traditions.


Some of the highlights you’ll explore with this tour include the ancient city of Bagan, the majestic town of Kalaw, the exploration of Mandalay, and much more. Like many of the other tour packages, it can be a tailor-made tour and it is frequently the subject of discounts. The tour can be enjoyed by individuals of any age, with discounts applying to children under the age of 4.


(5.) Myanmar in Style Trip Program (9 Days) –

This fantastic tour starts and ends in Yangon, a breathtaking city. Tour features include visitation to the British Colonial building, Shwedagon Pagoda, Scott Market, and Inle Lake.

Myanmar Morning Market

Towards the end of the tour, you’ll spend 4 nights in a luxury resort and enjoy some of the best beaches that Burma has to offer. Rates are affordable and this can be a tailor-made tour. A tailor-made tour is subject to price changes. There are no age restrictions for this tour program.

(6.) Yangon, Golden Rock, Hpa An, Bago Tour Program (4 Days) –

This guided tour fast tracks you through various attractive areas within Burma throughout 4 days and 3 nights. The tour will teach you a lot about the culture, traditions, and history of Burma, as well as give you insight into local life. This tour is frequently subject to discounts. There are no age restrictions for this tour, with discounts applying to children under the age of 4.

People of Myanmar

(7.) Fabulous Holiday in Myanmar Trip Program (12 Days) –

This extremely comprehensive tour package allows you to explore the country and its culture in its entirety. You’ll zig-zag across the country soaking in the most noteworthy sites while enjoying luxurious accommodations. A tailor-made tour is subject to price changes. The tour can be enjoyed by individuals of any age.

Myanmar Stupas

Regardless of where you go, be sure to try a bowl of Mohinga, a rice noodle and fish soup, the unofficial national dish of Myanmar. This Burmese soup is sour, crunchy and funky all in one, loaded with an explosion of flavor your tastebuds won’t soon forget.

Mohinga Burmese Soup


With so many great pre-planned Myanmar travel packages to choose from, there isn’t any reason not to visit the beautiful country. What Myanmar offers all of its visitors is a rich and one of a kind experience. If you are interested in creating travel memories that will last a lifetime then be sure to book a ticket now and visit the enchanting country of Myanmar.

Exploring Mynamar

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