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Microwave Conversion Chart 700-watt to 725-watt

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Timing is critical when it comes to cooking in the microwave and achieving a decent quality finished product. Here’s a helpful 700-watt to 725-watt microwave oven conversion chart to easily convert recipes meant for a 700-watt microwave to a 725-watt microwave.


In microwave cooking, cooking by time, not by sight, is the trick to perfectly cooked, delicious dishes! Be aware that while timing is often the most important factor, other factors can play a role, such as the cubic footage of the microwave.

The purpose of this chart is to help you achieve a starting point for the correct cooking time. Additional adjustments may be necessary depending on your particular appliance.

700-watt to 725-Watt Microwave Oven Conversion Chart

Microwave Conversion Chart 700-watts to 725-watts

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