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1 thought on “Tick & Flea Eliminator”

  1. :2cents: I just wanted to mention something I just found out after many, many, years of raising and breeding dogs. some especially smaller breeds have a sensitivity to garlic therefore if you’re going to use this flea repellent make sure you keep an eye on how he/she is feeling, as well as your dog’s stools and make sure he/she is not vomiting. this is the first sign of a sensitivity to garlic.

    most people, myself included have fed their dog “table scraps”, and never noticed any trouble. however in human foods we don’t sprinkle garlic (or i don’t anyway) on our food and then eat it therefore when we give table scraps to our doggies it’s usually cooked & there isn’t as much garlic in the scraps as there would be if we’d just sprinkled some on the scraps and gave it to them.
    i didn’t know anything thing about this and was making my dogs some soft food as a treat. i decided to “spice it up” a bit and added some garlic powder to it.

    after about 12 hrs. Maggie started vomitting, and a bit later Bomber started. I got on line and researched adverse reactions of garlic and found out that some dogs (mainly smaller breeds), have a sensitivity to it and should not be fed it.

    Since then I have not given garlic to my dogs and will be more aware of how my dog reacts to it, IF I ever get a larger breed. I just thought I’d share this because I know I am not the only person who thought garlic was okay to feed their dog.


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