Tick Preventative Powder for Pets

Tick Preventative

1 part powdered rosemary
1 part powdered rue
1 part powdered wormwood

Blend & place in shaker jar, shake on pet on occasion. Do NOT use on pregnant animals and should not be used around pregnant women. Avoid contact with pets eyes/nose/mouth.



Tick Preventative

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Tick Preventative & hundreds more free health & pet treat & food recipes

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2 thoughts on “Tick Preventative Powder for Pets”

  1. could someone tell me what rue is and where i can find it. i also need to know where i can find powdered wormwood?

    i was wondering why the tick preventative powder is not to be used around pregnant women & pets.

    has anyone tried this on their dog?

    thanks, stormie Love shower

    • Could someone tell me what rue is and where I can find it. I also need to know where I can find powdered wormwood?

      I was wondering why the Tick Preventative Powder is not to be used around pregnant women & pets.

      Wormwood can be found in leaf or root form at any decent health food store (not your local vitamin shoppe, a real health food store 😉 ) It should never be used by pregnant women due to it’s high concentrations of Thujone. It is also an Emmenagogue (meaning it brings on menstrual flow).

      We have used it successfully on our dogs without issue. (Btw, I “powder” wormwood in the blender).


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