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Upset Tummy Remedy

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Upset Tummy Remedy

(for dogs and cats)
1 cup water
1 teaspoon slippery elm powder
1 tablespoon honey optional (for dogs)

Bring water to a boil, add herb, continue stirring (or use a whisk) as slippery elm tends to clump. Reduce heat, cover & simmer 20 minutes. Allow to cool before mixing in pets food.

Cat: Give 1/2 teaspoon 3-4 x’s times a day
Dog: Give 1tsp – 3 T 3-4 x’s per day (depending on your dog’s size)

If pet refuses treatment, give it orally with a syringe.



Easy Homemade Upset Tummy Remedy for Pets

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1 thought on “Upset Tummy Remedy”

  1. i have a mixed breed/mastiff that has chronic stomach issues. she has been a puzzle to the vet. when she gets really bad, she will run around looking for anything to lick up to make herself sick.

    (dried leaves outside, furry dust bunnies in the house…anything)

    out of desperation one episode, i handed her a few handfuls of my dried peppermint that i keep on hand from my herb garden for making teas. she was thrilled with something else to lap up, but what she did not realize was the peppermint was calming to her stomach. within 15-20 minutes she was fine.

    It has been a life saver for her. I now harvest extra peppermint to keep her stocked thru the winter.

    She will also go to the herb garden and eat the lemon grass if she is feeling poor and it seems to help as well.


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