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Sprayable Bug Repellent for Dogs

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Sprayable Bug Repellent for Dogs

5 1/2 teaspoons citronella oil
1 drop liquid soap
4 teaspoons camphor
4 tablespoons mineral oil
3/4 cup ethyl rubbing alcohol

Blend all and pour into a small labeled spray bottle. Apply very sparingly to your pet avoiding his eyes, nose, mouth.



Safe Sprayable Bug Repellent for Dogs

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1 thought on “Sprayable Bug Repellent for Dogs”

  1. 5 stars
    It was really good info, thank you a lot for sharing this recipe, it works perfectly. Every year when we camp we deal with huge infestations of bugs at the site (it’s a pretty area, but super swampy!). This spray is easy to make and effective.


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