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Suet Cups & Cones

Throughout the winter months the local wildlife has a tendency to find it increasingly more difficult to find food sources. If you want to help them out (and enjoy watching the birds flock to your home!) you can make tasty suet cups and cones.


You’ll Need:
Large pine cones (if you warm these in the oven, they will open up well)
Suet mixture (Beef suet Mixed with Bird seed & Raisins)
Yarn, Jute, Wire
Hollowed-out orange halves

Cracked Corn

If you want a smoother suet, melt the suet in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring to remove clumps. Remove from heat and let it cool about 10 minutes then add your favorite bird seed, raisins, stirring to blend, the mixture will be thick.

For suet cups, hollow out orange halves. Carefully nail the half to a tree stump. Fill the empty halves with the suet mixture.

For suet cones, cover the pine cones with your choice of suet mixture or plain suet. Work the suet mixture into the scales of the pine cones. Hang the cones with yarn, Jute or wire.

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2 thoughts on “Suet Cups & Cones”

    • Here is how I do this, cover the pinecone with natural peanut butter, roll in wild bird seed mix hang up.

      I thought that it was dangerous to give birds peanut butter because it gets stuck in the upper part of their beaks and they have no way of removing it, causing them to starve to death??


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