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Cold Winter Bran Mash for Horses

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Cold Winter Bran Mash for Horses

4 cups sweet feed
6 cups bran
1 cup molasses
Hot water

Mix sweet feed & Bran. Add hot water until it is the consistency of ground beef. Add molasses, blending well. Let steep for 5 to 10 minutes.



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1 thought on “Cold Winter Bran Mash for Horses”

  1. ok.. im new to this and not sure just how it works but i have a warm mash recipe that even finicky horses will go ga-ga over… it is a bit more involved but sooooo worth it!

    my equines usually get this on thanksgiving and/or christmas morning…

    8 to 10 C Bran
    2 grated carrots
    2 grated apples (I run both thru a food processor)
    4 Tbsp salt
    2 C Molasses
    1 C brown sugar
    1 Gallon hot water

    mix all and let steep for 5 to 10 minutes or until cool enough to feed; serve while its still warm.

    At Christmas I add Starlight mints or crushed candy canes. This makes enough for 2 large horses…


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