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Akita Style Lamb & Rice

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Akita Style Lamb & Rice

Akita Style Lamb & Rice

1 lb ground lamb (beef if you wish)
1 1/2 cups brown rice
2 stalks Broccoli
2 medium potatoes — (2 to 3)
3 medium carrots
4 cloves garlic
1 sheet kombu — Sea Kelp (optional)

Brown lamb in a frypan. After it gets going, put on the chopped garlic to
brown. Boil water, put about 4-5 cups into a crockpot, so it is already hot
while you are fixing the rest of the ingredients. Add cubed potatoes to the
frypan. Cut broccoli and add this to the crock. Put the rest of the works in
the pot, add enough hot water to cover. Add pepper to taste. Throw in 1/2
cup brown rice and mix.

submitted to by Carol P.



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