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Puppy Repellent

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Puppy Repellent

Wonderful solution to keep puppies away from rugs & to help prevent chewing on furniture.
1/4 cup oil of cloves
1 tablespoon paprika
1 teaspoon black pepper
Blend well and dab onto items you want your puppy to stay away from. The scent wears off & will need to be reapplied.



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2 thoughts on “Puppy Repellent”

  1. i am definitely going to try this. do you have any other ideas for pet that are chewers. my 2 year old beagle is still chewing the throw rugs and anything with stuffing(comforters, toys, pillows).

    I can’t seem to catch him in the act. Very frustrating.

  2. i have a puppy that was a rescue animal. for the most part she is house trained, but she likes to pee on any throw rugs that are by the door going to the outside. she is taken outside often, she goes potty and we treat her when she comes back inside.

    she’s doing her shenanigans when we are not looking, mostly during the night. do you think this stuff would help stop her from going on my throw rugs?
    thanks, stormie:helpme:


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