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Keeps Snacks fresh using Repurposed Straws

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Did you know that you can use straws to keep chips and other snacks fresh and crisp? Here’s a simple repurpose lifehack that works in seconds . . .
As the parent of two boys, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found open bags of chips or other snacks that were simply “folded over” as though that would actually keep the food inside fresh, *rolls eyes*, only to discover (a day late) that the food was stale.

Here’s a very simple tip that even the kids won’t mind implementing

You’ll Need:
2 straws (we use milkshake straws because they’re a bit wider!)
an open bag of chips, bread, snacks, etc

Slit one straw all the way across lengthwise.

Fold in each corner of the bag and then place the uncut straw on top of the folds, roll the top of the bag around the uncut straw.

Slip the cut straw over the top of the uncut straw. Now the bag is properly sealed and the contents will stay fresh!

Here’s a Video for the complete Visual: Lifehacks: How to Keep Chips & Snacks Fresh using Straws

If your spouse or kids have already left the chips or pretzels open and they’re stale, don’t toss them out just yet! Chips can be “re-crisped” by placing them in the oven at 350 for 4-6 minutes. Stale pretzels can be used in Strawberry Pretzel saladand stale tortilla chips work wonderfully in this Mexican-style casserole dish.

Do you have other lifehacks or repurpose ideas for straws? We’d love to hear them; Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.

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