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Picnic Tablecloth Trick

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While picnicking the wind can pick up rather quickly, sending the table cloth flying up & everything else toppling over. Here’s a very simple picnic tablecloth trick that you can add to your favorite tablecloths!

Source: Martha Stewart Photographer: Earl Carter

If you don’t already have a set of grommet pliers in your garage, this is one basic tool that you’ll probably want to splurge on. It’s well worth it! You can repair tarps, boat covers, tablecloths, canopies, belts, shoes, shower curtains, tote bags, tents and so much more.

Simply add grommets every 2-3 feet to the edges of the table cloth. Uses bungee cords underneath the table to secure the cloth in place.

Make It Mine Magazine - Hammer Setting Grommets

If you don’t think that you’ll use grommet pliers often enough to purchase them, that’s okay too!

You can purchase Self Piercing grommets and then apply them using a Hammer instead. This method is a little more difficult but is great if you only have a few grommets to add.

These little beauties cost less than $10 for a package and they’re available here on Amazon.

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