Trick to Prevent Heel Blisters

Do you constantly get blisters on your heels from your sneakers or shoes? Did you know you that you can prevent shoe blisters with one simple little trick? trick-to-prevent-heel-blisters
In the spring, summer and fall months we spend a lot of time outside, walking, jogging and hiking. It can be hell to find a decent pair of shoes that won’t rub the feet the wrong way and create painful blisters, but what you might not realize is that nearly all walking, jogging or running shoes come equipped with a simple fix for the issue!

Did you know that just by tying your shoes differently you can prevent your sneaker from slipping/rubbing, thereby preventing these painful, annoying blisters?!

Here’s how:

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  1. my daughter was out playing in her new shoes a couple days ago and got blisters on both heels! when she puts those shoes on today i will; for sure use this trick!

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