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DIY Cat Tent

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Create your own very simple kitty bed by repurposing an old coat hanger and t-shirt! diy-cat-tent

Not only does this make a fantastic kitty bed, it makes a great ferret play house too! We love any project that repurposes items that might otherwise get tossed out, like old stained t-shirts, wire hangers or cardboard- in this case, the project uses all 3 of those things!

You’ll Need:
15″x15″ piece of Cardboard
Medium to Large T-shirt
2 wire hangers
4 safety pins.

Straighten the coat hangers, Snip them to push the ends through the cardboard in an X shape, bend over about a 1″ piece, then tape it to secure it.

Then slip the t-shirt over the frame, secure it underneath using safety pins. Add a small pillow, old folded towel or other soft layer inside for bedding (such as a piece of blanket, etc).

Still unsure of how to make yours, watch this simple video!

DIY Cat Toys - How to Make a Cat Tent

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