DIY Orthopedic Pet Bed

Pet beds can be rather expensive, particularly if you have a larger dog, but here’s a simple way to make your own Orthopedic Pet Beds in just about any size for under $10…

Budget101 FanStephanie Jasiniki shared this Fabulous idea she came up with:

1.Find a decent memory foam mattress topper during bull trash pick-up (mine was a full, 3in deep)

2. Cut the foam into equal sized pieces whatever size beds you’ll need (mine was 4 standard XL beds 40″x30″)

3. Cover the foam with a heavy duty trash bag for accident protection (45g mostly fits mine)

4. Find or make bargain dog bed covers (I got mine on clearance at Petco for $5/cover, originally $25/ea)

5. Simply slide the new mattress with the trash bag cover into the dog bed cover and presto…you have protected orthopedic dog beds ready to go!

I now have 4 XL orthopedic dogs beds only costing $30 total, about $7.50/bed.

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