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Brain freeze cure

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Brain freeze, while not lasting very long, causes a terrible headache. It is like your body is punishing you for eating your ice cream or slushy too fast. There are a fewbrain-freeze-cure

theories about why we get a brain freeze, One, the roof of your mouth gets too cold and your brain tells your body to send more blood up to your head to balance the temperature. This causes you to have a headache from all of the pressure. Regardless of what causes it, there are a few ways to help get rid of it.

  • Drink a warm drink- This will offset the temperature difference and make the brain freeze go away faster.
  • Put your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
  • Put your thumb on the roof of your mouth.These ways are all tried and true. I have used them myself on several occasions; because of this, I also have some tips to help you avoid getting brain freeze. Because cold objects touching the roof of your mouth causes brain freeze, it is pretty easy to avoid. Here are four tips to help you avoid brain freeze.

    1st- take smaller bites or sips of your cold food. Your body will be able to heat it up faster and you will not have to worry about brain freeze nearly as much.

    2nd- Slow down! It is not a race, eat or drink your cold food slowly. I am sure it tastes amazing and you want to eat as much of it as possible. But ask yourself this the next time you are about the down a bowl of ice cream in record time, is it worth the easily preventable headache it will cause?

    3rd- Just say no to all frozen treats… ice cream , dole whips, slush drinks, ice cream sodas, ice cream cakes, frozen smoothies. Just say no and never have anything frozen or cold again.

    4th Just follow tips 1 and 2 and you will be alright. Who would give up all frozen treats, That is just ridiculous.

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