DIY Fruit Picker

Repurpose a plastic bottle into a fruit picker! Picking fresh fruit was always a treat when we were growing up, but these days it’s a bit harder for me to get up into the tops of the trees where the best fruits always seem to be!

I really love this simple way to reach up into the tree without needing to climb a ladder or place undue pressure on the tree leaning ladders on fragile branches.

You’ll Need:

a Plastic Bottle (size is dependent on the size of fruit you wish to pick)
a Broom/ Mop Handle or even a piece of pvc pipe will work
2 small screws
sponge or cotton washcloth

Depending on the size of the fruit you wish to pick, choose a plastic bottle to repurpose. If you’re picking apples, you might want a 2-liter bottle, if you’re picking plums a water bottle may suffice.

Cut away part of the bottom of the bottle, creating a “cup” to pick the fruit from the tree. Then slip the mouth of the bottle over a wooden broom or mop handle. Screw the handle into place with a short screw. (Screw both sides).

Line the bottom of the fruit picker with a fluffy sponge or folded cotton washcloth, etc. This is to prevent the bottom fruit from bruising.

Once you’re out in the orchard, lift the fruit picker up to the tree, scoop the fruit and gently tug to “pick” the fruit.

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