Repurpose a Pen to Protect a Charging Cord

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Repurpose a Pen to Protect a Charging Cord

Do you have a pen that has run out of ink? Here’s a simple tip to repurpose the spring in the pen to protect expensive charger cords for smartphones, tablets and more…

You’ll Need:
a Pen
a Charging cord
a Minute’s worth of time.

First, you’ll need a pen that has run out of ink. Disassemble the pen by unscrewing it (usually near the tip and pulling out the spring that’s located inside.


Near the end of the spring, Rest the cord into the spring, like this:


With the Cord resting in place, bring the spring around the cord, allow it to naturally wrap around the cord:



Continue wrapping the cord . . .


and Voila, in less than a minutes time, the entire cord is wrapped:

Of course, we’ll have to add a few caveats to this, OBVIOUSLY you should Not use a Metal spring to wrap an Already Frayed/Broken cord as this could result in getting an electric Shock.

If you’re concerned that the cord could still fray, wrap a piece of electrical tape near the top before applying the spring, thereby giving the cord double protection.

Also, be sure that you’ve double checked the ends of your spring and they’re wrapped correctly, You don’t want to accidentally puncture your cord just by not paying attention!

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