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MYO: Biore Strips

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If you like those expensive little strips at the store, you’ll love this simple do it yourself recipe that you can make in your own kitchen in seconds. This works really well!!


Take 1 Tbsp of Knox unflavored gelatin,
1 1/2 Tbsp milk

Microwave for 10 seconds.

Before you begin, place a nice warm, wet washcloth over your face to ensure that the pores on your skin are opened up so the strips can work easier. You don’t want your face to be wet though.

Test to ensure it’s not too hot, then apply to face with q-tips or a cosmetic brush. Just kind of paint it on. Let the mixture dry in place for 20-30 minutes. (Note: it will dry very, very stiff) … them simply peel off.

This pretty much works just like Biore Strips, removing blackheads and cleaning the pores.

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4 thoughts on “MYO: Biore Strips”

  1. This one worked really well for me, I was actually kind of surprised. I had some knox thats been in the pantry cupboard for at least 5 years, lol. Whoulda thunk it would be useful for something after all.

    • Is Knox a brand? I’m not familiar with it. If so, can we use any unflavored brand in its place?


      Yes, Knox is a brand name. While I have not tried this particular recipe, usually any brand of unflavored gelatin can be swapped for Knox.


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