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DIY Pet Canned Food Cover

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Do you regularly feed your pets canned pet food? The smell can be atrocious and oftentimes only a small amount is needed at once. Here’s a simple trick using a common household item that will seal in the pet food and prevent the smells from wafting through the fridge.


You’ll Need:
an open pet food can
a wide mouth mason jar lid
a wide mouth mason jar ring

Simply cover the open pet food can with the lid and snap the ring over the top.


It doesn’t screw on as there aren’t any threads, but it does snap into place with relative ease.


It completely seals the can, even if it accidentally gets tipped over, preventing the slimy, stinky juice from running into the refrigerator.


Once covered, place the can in the fridge until needed.

This is not recommended for “people” food canned goods because although it’s considered safe by USDA standards to store foods in open cans, the food quickly loses it’s quality and flavor if stored using this method.

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