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DIY Mess Free Kitty Litter Box

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Kitty litter boxes are anything but sanitary and having them lying around the house, for people to see (& smell!) can be quite frustrating for families, particularly those with other pets that may have a habit of “playing” in the kitty box. Here is a simple mess-free litter box you can make yourself for around $6.
The tote/bin that we chose for this project is an 18 gallon sterilite container from Wal-Mart. It costs $5.94 , so for less than $6 you can create a “Private Potty” for your kitty.

You’ll Need:
1 18 gallon bin/tote w/ cover
1 8-10″ Plate
Marker or Pencil
Scissors or X-acto Knife

Place the plate upside down on the cover where you want the hole to be. This is where your kitty will enter his/her private potty, so ensure that it’s in a good spot, giving her plenty of room to jump up onto the box without “falling in”.

Use a marker or pencil to trace the circle, put the plate away, that’s all it’s for.

Using heavy duty scissors or an X-acto knifecarefully cut out the hole.

Add kitty litter to the box, secure the cover in place and place it wherever you prefer.

Alternatively, you could cut a hole in the end-side of the box, midway up the side if you’d prefer the cat to have a “side entrance” or if you need to squeeze the box into a smaller area.

The box can easily be hosed out, air fresheners can be attached to the outside, etc.


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