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How to Clean Vases & Bottles Easily

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Got Grunge? If you’ve ever had vase set a bit to long with wilted flowers you know what a nasty green ring it creates and how difficult it is to get it clean, particularly if the neck of the vase is narrow. Here is an effortless way to clean your favorite vase.

Several months ago I very nearly tossed out my favorite vase. The neck is far to narrow to get my hand down inside to scrub it thoroughly and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get out the layer of green yuck that had accumulated in a telling ring on the inside. Here is the very simple, effortless fix:

You’ll Need:
1-2 Denture Tablets (depending on the size of the vase)
Hot Water

Fill the vase to the neck with Hot water and drop in 1-2 denture tablets. Leave it overnight, rinse thoroughly. If it’s really tough, you can insert a baby bottle brush down into the bottle and give it a light scrub to loosen the grime before rinsing it off. Usually, the denture tablets are more than enough.


That’s all there is to it! If you want really cheap denture tablets, just go to the dollar store. they make wonderful cleaning tablets for coffee pots, tea pots, Vases, glass bottles, dressing containers and more.


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