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DIY Non-Toxic Lice Removal

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One of the not so pleasant aspects of the kids heading back to school is the chance of an infestation of head lice. There are a number of over the counter formulas for head lice, but if you’re not fond of the idea of using hard to pronounce chemicals and pesticides on your child’s head, here is a do it yourself recipe that works just as well.

DIY Non-Toxic Lice Removal Remedy - and a simple trick to help prevent infestation to begin with! #Lice #BacktoSchool #LiceRemedy #LiceTreatment #DIY
DIY Non-Toxic Lice Removal

Head Lice are small, wingless insects (about the size of a sesame seed) that are found on in human hair. They feed off blood from the scalp and attach their eggs (called nits) to the shaft of the hair. A single female louse can lay 100 eggs in her lifetime. Louse eggs generally hatch in 7-10 days. Outbreaks of head lice are quite common in school-age children and are spread by direct head to head contact, as well as through objects such as bedding and toys.

Here’s how to get rid of them once infested:

You’ll Need:
1 cup of Coconut Oil
4 cups Apple Cider Vinegar
A Clean washcloth that has been rinsed in warm water

First, fold the washcloth in half and have the child hold the washcloth over their eyes, rinse the affected child’s hair and scalp with warm water, then apply enough apple cider to the hair to completely cover ALL the hair on the child’s head, careful not to get it in the child’s eyes. Carefully comb through the hair to ensure it is thoroughly saturated in vinegar.

DO NOT RINSE IT OUT. Let it dry completely IN the hair.

The vinegar works to dissolve the “glue” that binds the eggs of the lice to the hair follicles. Once the vinegar had completely dried in the hair, work the coconut oil into the hair, ensuring complete coverage.

Cover the hair with a shower cap or hair wrap and allow it to set several hours. It will take time for the coconut oil to smother the lice. Comb through the hair with a lice comb to remove any eggs that may be stuck to the hair follicle.

Shampoo hair normally.

Tips for Avoiding Lice

  • Lice LOVE Fresh, Clean Hair- the reason for this is that when the hair follicle has been stripped of its natural oils, their eggs adhere to the shaft of the follicle easily. Avoid washing your hair daily. Twice per week is more than sufficient.
  • Never share hats, hoodies, scarves, headbands, combs, hair accessories, etc
  • Wash everything that CAN be washed in HOT Water, (Sheets, pillowcases, etc)
  • Head lice can not jump, hop, or fly, and require human blood to live. They can not live for more than 24-48 hours off a human host.
  • To avoid re-infestation bag all toys that have come into contact with lice in trash bags, seal them and don’t open them for 2 full weeks (a louse egg can take 7-10 days to hatch)
  • Vacuum every single day, including your car if your child has been inside it!
  • Many of our Members Swear Garlic Capsules work wonders to prevent lice (take 1 daily)

How to Prevent Lice

For effective lice prevention, add 15-20 drops of tea tree oil to an inexpensive bottle of shampoo, such as Suave.

What are your favorite ways to get rid of lice?

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4 thoughts on “DIY Non-Toxic Lice Removal”

  1. i wish i would have seen this last year. my sister’s daughter had to deal with lice twice bec her school was not doing anything about it. the school had a outbreak with lice.

    🙁 i will have to pass this on to her. thanks!

  2. Many years ago, one of my children suffered from a constant re-infestation of head lice. For months we treated what we thought was everything he came into contact with. It wasn’t until I took him to school one day that I discovered he and a classmate shared a “cubbie” where they hung their book bags.

    Because the book bags touched each other, the kids had been passing the lice back and forth to one another. It wasn’t until I started treating my son’s book bag on a daily basis that both kids became lice-free.

    Hopefully this may help someone if you are having a continuing problem even after treatments.

  3. I use a mixture of mayonnaise and olive oil in damp hair over night. It works every time. I follow up and do it again the following week when the eggs hatch.


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