Long Lashes Treatment

long lashes treatment
Long Lashes Treatment

Tired of thinning eyelashes? Here’s a simple do it yourself beauty formula that will increase the fullness of your lashes.

You”ll Need:
an old nail polish bottle
1/4 with aloe oil
1/2 with vitamin E oil
1/4 Castor Oil

First, ensure that the old nail polish bottle has been thoroughly cleaned.

Fill it 1/4 of the way full with Castor oil. Add aloe oil until it’s halfway full, then top off with vitamin E oil. If you’re not comfortable using an old nail polish bottle you can use any small glass container you’d prefer, such as a tincture bottle.

Use a clean old Mascara brush and stir it up.

Apply on eyelashes every night and in a month see the difference in how full and long your lashes are.


This idea was submitted to our site by Tara Harvison.

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  1. has anyone tried this enough to know if it works or not? i have very sensitive eyes and i’m wondering if it would bother my eyes if i should get any in my eyes? has anyone had any problems with this getting into their eyes?

    i’m a little leery of anything to do with the eyes. i sure hope someone can give me some information! thank you

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