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Super Laundry Sauce Stain Test

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Since we shared our Super Laundry Sauce Recipe many have asked “How is it on Tough Stains?” We thought we’d put it to the test. We took fresh grimy dirt, ketchup & Mustard and ground them right into white washcloths. Since most people don’t have a chance to treat stains until they go to launder them, we let them set overnight to dry into the fabric, allowing them to set it. Then, we washed them with our homemade Super Laundry sauce, without pre-treating them at all . . . and here are our results…


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  • Super Laundry Sauce Frequently Asked Questions

    The following test was performed using the super laundry sauce (no cook version) exactly as listed in the directions with NO substitutions or variationsfrom the recipe.

    First, We picked 3 common Stain Items: Dirt, Ketchup and Mustard. We applied them to 3 clean WHITE washcloths.


    Next, we wanted to make sure that the stains really set in, so we rubbed the items into the fabric, then left them overnight to dry.


    The Following day, we washed them with a regular load of dirty towels, Without Pre-treating them.


    As you can see from the results photo:

    • Dirt- the dirt came out completely without any issues and without needing to pre treat the stain.
    • Ketchup– the ketchup stain also came out completely without needing to pre treat.
    • Mustard– if you look closely you’ll see a faint outline of the dried mustard “heart” that we rubbed into the fabric. It would be best to pre treat mustard stains with a direct application of super laundry sauce and let it set for at least an hour PRIOR to laundering in order to prevent a stain.
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    3 thoughts on “Super Laundry Sauce Stain Test”

    1. i love the super laundry sauce! i made the regular (cooked) version. my son got sick one evening and threw up after eating strawberries & drinking cherry koolaid.

      i grabbed whatever blankets and towels i could to clean him (& my couch) up, and threw everything into the bathtub (no rinsing or prewashing or anything) until i could get him settled back down & back to sleep. when i washed the blankets & towels, i just threw them in the washer with a tablespoon of the super laundry sauce. to my surprise, there wasn’t a sign of anything red or pink on any one of them, not even a pure white towel.

      i don’t think i’ll ever use any other detergent again! and as a bonus, i’ve found that i don’t even need to use fabric softener anymore (except maybe with those really fuzzy pants that seem to get static no matter what). love this site and all of the great, reliable info.

    2. a while ago (about 4 or 5 months) my two yr old spilled syrup on a huge part of my living room carpet. I made the super laundry sauce two days ago but i didnt have any clothes to wash…i was so excited i had to try it on something!! so i decided to test it out on that stain(what the heck…it cant cause anymore harm).

      i wet the stain with a spray bottle and spread some of the Super Laundry Sauce on it and began scrubbing. i think i scrubbed it for like 3 minutes if that. i took some clean water and a washcloth and “rinsed” the carpet.

      At first glance it was BEAUTIFUL!!! The part of the carpet that had the stain was cleaner than the entire floor! When it dried i could see a very very tiny amount where the syrup must have really set (plus all the dirt it collected) I think when i go back over it it will be gone and i think initially if i would have let it pre treat for about 30 min to an hour it would have been gone the first time around…this stuff is awesome!!!

      now i cant wait to wash clothes with it and put it in the carpet cleaner!

    3. i made the no cook version of the lavender super laundry sauce. it is great. i was skeptical at first but am so glad i tried it.

      i will be making some gift baskets for my daughters and my daughter-in-law with several of the recipes i have gotten from this site. it saves me a lot of money.


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