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Tips for Peeling Garlic

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Need to peel garlic quickly with minimal mess? Here are several 4 fantastic tips and methods for peeling garlic and having it “recipe ready” in seconds . . .

The Knife Press Method:This method is wonderful for a small amount of garlic, but will be time consuming for multiple cloves.
Take a single garlic clove, using a knife, cut a sliver off the root end, removing the root.
Lay the clove of garlic on it’s side and press down gently with the side of a Chef’s knife to gently crush the clove. The skin will now easily peel away.

Microwave Method:
Good For an Entire Head of Garlic

Microwave garlic cloves for 10 seconds and the skins will slip right off.

The Shake Method:This method is wonderful for an entire head of garlic, if you prefer to not use a microwave

Carefully pull the head of garlic apart into cloves.
Place the cloves in a container, such as a mason jar put a lid on it.
Shake it, shake it for all that you’re worth and then some, then shake it some more (about 30 seconds)
Pull out the cloves and the skins should slip right off. Repeat method for any skins that cling.

Garlic Peelers/Rollers: These are actual gadgets that you can purchase as specialty stores or Online

Simply place the clove inside, roll gently and skins pop right off, with no scent left on the hands. tips-for-peeling-garlic

Old-School Water Method:

Drop the cloves of garlic into a small bowl of water (cold is fine) wait 5 minutes, remove from water and peel.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Peeling Garlic”

  1. i believe i will try this one soon. i but alot of fresh items. i spent more & got less buying the garlic arleady peeled.

  2. The easiest way to peel garlic in 7 seconds is to place one clove or two cloves on a microwave-safe dish and microwave them for 7 seconds. In the microwave, the skins will just about fall off. Press on the end of the garlic clove and the skin will pop right off.


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