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How to Remove Crayon Marks Easily

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If you have children, chances are at one time or another your little darling will play Picasso (or one of his/her friends will) on one of your nice light colored walls. Here are several simple ways to remove crayon marks from walls, floors, and other surfaces.

Remove Crayons from Walls

Remove Crayon Marks from Counters, Walls, and Floors

Baking Soda

This one is by far the best on the list, it works remarkably well with very little effort. Wet a clean washcloth or cotton cloth and wring it out, dip the cloth in baking soda and rub gently to remove the crayon marks from painted walls. Wipe with a clean cloth to remove any leftover residue.


Rubbing alcohol can be mixed with water at a 1/3 ratio (1 part alcohol/3 parts water), apply with a soft clean cloth to remove crayon marks from carpeting. So if you just need a little bit, combine 1 tablespoon of alcohol and 3 tablespoons of water. If you have a much larger area to clean use 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol and 3/4 cup of water.

Magic Eraser

Aptly named, these wondrous cleaning marvels weren’t available when my own children were busy playing Picaso many years ago. Magic erasers work fabulously for removing marks from walls caused by crayons, markers, and pens. To use, simply wet the magic eraser until it is saturated, wring it out and gently scrub the affected area.


It’s not just for Sandwiches anymore, it also works beautifully for removing crayon marks from countertops, tabletops, and other hard surfaces. Apply a small amount of mayonnaise with a clean dry cloth, let is sit for 8-10 minutes and gently rub it away. Be sure to properly wash the area with soap and water after to remove all remaining residue.

Soapy Water

Crayon marks on silverware or stainless steel surfaces will wash away easily with simple soap and water.


This one is not my favorite, but it does work to remove crayons from walls. Simply apply with an old toothbrush or a soft clean dampened cloth. Wipe clean with fresh water and a clean cloth. (Please note that you must use toothpaste rather than a toothpaste gel.)


This will also remove stubborn crayon marks from furniture and walls.  While some sites recommend this one for use on clothing, we don’t recommend it for that as it can leave oily stains and residue on them.


Removing Crayon from Upholstered Furniture

To remove crayon from upholstered furniture dilute a small amount of your favorite liquid detergent with water. Apply the mixture to the affected area using a light-colored washcloth or rag. I recommend the use of a light-colored washcloth or rag because highly concentrated detergent can actually cause color transfer, accidentally dyeing the area you’re attempting to clean!

Removing Crayon from Clothing

Place the stained article of clothing in a container, cover with hot water and add a small amount of Tide Ultra Stain Release. Let the item soak for about 1 hour, then immediately wash it, with a color catching cloth.  Don’t wash the item with other clothing items as the color can transfer.

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