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MYO Mason Jar Bullet Blender

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Make your own mason jar bullet blender- It whips, it chops, it blends and it only dirties one dish. When you want to whip up pancake batter, smoothies, super laundry sauce, instant oatmeal packets and so much more, you only need to wash one easy jar.

First and foremost, we use our blender for tons of things, making homemade lotions, soaps, detergents, salves, creams, homemade baby & herbal powders, cosmetic recipes as well as the usual suspects- smoothies, batters and more.

I have ONE blender. It’s a 8-year-old Oster that cost me $16 at Walmart. They’re still less than $20 and you can get one with FREE shipping using Amazon Prime.

MYO Mason Jar Bullet

You’ll Need:
An Ordinary Blender here we’re using an inexpensive 10-speed Oster Blender that runs about $20.
Regular Mouth Mason Jars
A Recipe of your choice
Optional Items- An Oster Replacement Kit– this gives you an Ice Crushing Blade, a couple more sealing rings, a bottom cap and a filler cap for about $10, it’s worth it’s weight in gold

Let’s take a look at how a blender goes together. Take a look at the following Photograph:


Step #1 Here is the blender cup with the blade and bottom cap in place.

Step #2 Unscrew the black bottom cap from the base.

Step #3 Next gently lift out the blade and gasket.

Step #4 Now- set the blender Pitcher aside, it’s no longer necessary. (Ok, this really isn’t a step, but then again, this isn’t brain surgery, it’s just basic kitchen fun.

Step #5 Take a regular mouth mason jar, pint or quart size. Put whatever you want in it (ingredients for muffins, pancake batter, super Laundry sauce, soap, etc) . Seat the Gasket and blade on the jar as seen in Step #5 in the photo above.

Notice how the gasket is perfectly lined up with the jar? Failure to line the gasket with the rim of the jar will result in a gasket that gets chewed to pieces by the blender blade. The gasket and the jar rim should both be clean and dry before seating.

Step #6 Now, Screw the black base on carefully.


Mason Jar Bullet Blender Tips-n-Tricks

You now have a Mason Jar Bullet-Style Blender. Simply invert the base onto the blender and pulse. Never fill the jar with anything that creates Gas as this such as Oxyclean or vinegar and baking soda, etc.

You wouldn’t want your jar to explode! Also, Never fill the jar past the “shoulders” of the jar, the contents need room to expand.

What do we use the Bullet-Style Mason Jar Blender for?

Well, Everything!

I DO use the same blender for making soaps, super laundry sauce and everything else that I make. I am NOT concerned about the safety as the blender pieces are dishwasher safe and come out perfectly clean.

If it bothers you, an oster replacement kit can be purchased very inexpensively which will provide you with an extra blade, sealing rings and black bottom cap which essentially means NONE of your soap making supplies will ever touch food and vice versa. Again, I don’t worry about it.

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21 thoughts on “MYO Mason Jar Bullet Blender”

  1. thanks for the tutorial. is such a fantastic way of using my blender for something besides pancakes and smoothies. now i will be off and running as i explore what my blender can achieve.

    thanks again! :party1:

  2. use caution when using other than mason or ball brand mason jars. i enjoyed great results with all but kerr brand as it didn’t want to seal. on the other hand, my counters and blender got a good cleaning from the laundry soap that went all over.

    • Use caution when using other than Mason or Ball brand mason jars. I enjoyed great results with all but Kerr brand as it didn’t want to seal. On the other hand, my counters and blender got a good cleaning from the laundry soap that went all over.


      I used a kerr with out problems. Interesting.

  3. i took it a step further… took a ball mason jar with me and tried on the blender i went to buy. i was sooo embarassed but didnt want to risk getting a blender that wouldn’t work!

  4. this is one of the best ideas that i have seen. thank you for the idea as it is a lot better than having to haul out everything to my blender and it is just the right size for my husband and i. :worthy:

    • My DD has been wanting a Bullet. Won’t she be surprised when I show her we’ve had one all along? LOL. 😉

      lol, that tickled me! I’d love to hear her reaction when you tell her she can use her blender like that, just be sure to leave some space in the jars for expansion.

  5. Wow! This sounds great! I’m going to have to try it with my blender.

    Do they have to be the Oster brand to do this with? I’m not sure what brand mine is, but have been wanting a bullet blender.

  6. I have a Ninja Blender and would love to use the Mason Jar Method, I will try getting each size and fitting it to my Blender to see if it works. My Question is, to make small things from Packets of say Gravy, Dressings and other things you had suggested, How Much or How Many Do I use of Each Packet to make a correct Amount, 1-4 People.


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