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DIY Ice Free Stairs

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Icy stairs are a major problem in the winter for many and although rock salt will generally do the trick, it has a tendency to ruin concrete and get tracked through the house, creating a mess. Here’s a simple solution to prevent icy stairs . . .

Icy Stairs

You’ll Need:
An Empty Gallon Jug
2 Tsp Dawn Dish Detergent (other brands are NOT recommended)
2 Tbs (1 ounce) Rubbing Alcohol

Measure the rubbing alcohol and dawn dish detergent into the empty jug then fill it halfway with warm water. Cap it and shake gently to completely mix the ingredients. Shake gently just prior to use.

To prevent icy stairs, pour the mixture over the front step as soon as the temperatures begin to drop. The soap will not freeze thereby keeping the step ice-free.

How to make your own ice melt

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