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How to End Leaking Trash Bags

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Have you ever spent half the day cleaning, scrubbing the floors, making the house shine like the top of the the Chrysler building only to have someone take out the trash and leave a stream of nasty dirty “trash juice” drips across the floor before anyone realizes it’s even there?! Well I have and I’ve found a fantastic remedy to prevent it that utilizes an item we all have and usually hate . . .

That surprisingly helpful item isJUNKMAIL! That’s right folks, junk mail can save your floors from icky slimy garbage can juice. Once you replace the bag in your trashcan, crumple up a few small layers of flyers and junk mail. It doesn’t take much, just enough to create a thin layer completely covering the bottom of the can, (inside the new trashbag!)

The next time something gets tossed away that has any liquid in it, the newspaper and junk mail will absorb the liquid, preventing it from running all over the floor if the bag has any tears.

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